Wednesday, August 26, 2009

1st day of Kindergarten

Wyatt was pretty loaded down for his
first day of Kindergarten.

Can you tell? He didn't want his
picture taken....and to think I
would get a kiss good-bye?

That was yesterday though, I did get a call
from his school that he had thrown up his
lunch with first day jitters and had to bring
him clean clothes. He told me this morning
that he was just too nervous (his words!) and
that today he would not throw up..I sent
extra clothes anyway, JUST IN CASE.

I did get lots of hugs and 2! kisses good-bye
when I took him this morning. My little man!

I added a few pics to the side bar.....I wanted
to post them on my Facebook page, but I just
couldn't get it to download today?

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I am sad to report that Gayle moved to the Branson area this past weekend. Her and Wesley will be missed so much.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Do you know what this is?

Does anyone know what kind of bird this is?

a) Black Vulture
b) Golden Eagle
c) Turkey Vulture
d) Red-headed hawk
e) Missouri Eagle

Its a Turkey Vulture, who got it right??? A very common BIG bird here in Missouri. Second largest to the bald eagle. Looks pretty wicked don't they? I was about 10 feet from them pooking around. These guys were 4 houses down from our duplex, just check'n out the neighborhood maybe looking for lunch? I ran home and got the camera for your knowlege, yes it's true and...the sacrafices I made last night, having a near death experience and all. Not to mention the time it took to drive 4 houses down, then drive 4 houses back! Push the button to roll down my window and then hold my arm up to take the picture, push the little button on the camera, then push another button to look at the pictures, another button to put up my window......because ya know...they could have attacked me and flew away with my arm? The drive home was by far the worst, I had to drive super duper fast to get in my garage in case they came after me, ya know since I didn't have them sign a waiver that I would be posting their picture and not give them any of my royalties for it. I do so much for all of my 5 viewers.. Hope you enjoy. lol

Hey, scroll down a little more, I made another

i know, i know....i am wasting valuable company time.

Pictures of Wyatt

Here are a few pictures I wanted to share of Wyatt. I got an alligator cake mold, it's just really cupcakes that you put together to make the shape of an alligator, but Wyatt loves it. The first attempt to make this didn't come out so good, I learned from the first one though and was able to achieve this yummy chocolate alligator!
We took sissy to the go-carts after having her nails done for her Birthday, her and Wyatt had lots of fun and Wesley slept the entire time, noise and all.
Wyatt will be in Kindergarten this fall. He had his graduation from Pre-K this past Wednesday and he was pretty cute in his paper-hat. His class did a play about the soldiers at war, more like back during WW II, they sang about making stone soup (I might post the video clip later) for the soldiers, which now I understand why Wyatt has been singing that song for the last two months. After we got home that night, Wyatt made me a heart with his blankey, so sweet! I know some day his blankey will fall apart, it is getting so thin now, he has had it since he was a baby and hasn't been able to part with it at night, not to mention during the day.....and ..... well, I just can't take it away from him yet.

He also informed me last night as we were mixing up the batter for pancakes that he could invite some soldiers over for dinner. I had to tell him we didn't know any and he suggested we find some anyway because soldiers are hungry. His has a heart of gold!

My Super Hero!

What can I say, he loves to dress up!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Another video

Another video of him riding his bike, you will need to turn up the volumn to hear him, my camera doesn't pick up sound so far away.


Ok, my 'tomorrow' was somewhat delayed.

Wyatt doing his 'ka-chow' just like
Lightening McQueen!

He was playing with the chalk he got from
G-MA Lori and had Gayle outline his body.
This is how he wanted his picture taken.
Lightening McQueen hat, bracelt and shoes!

Here he goes, off on his bike WITHOUT
training wheels. I am so proud of him

These pics are on my side bar, but I just
counldn't resist highlighting them here.

Hope you can pull up this video. I wouldn't
say I am that great at it, just a proud mama.
You wouldn't ever know this is his first time
riding without the training wheels! Turn up
your volumn, it's a little hard to hear what
he is saying.

Monday, April 20, 2009

No Training Wheels!!

Wyatt has been asking for weeks for me to take off his training wheels...each time I tell him no, I am either busy, the weather is not decent or something... Saturday, he asked again. I asked Gayle if she could do it and as soon as the training wheels came off (his little bike) he took off down the driveway..Gayle hollars at me to come see, I rush outside with the camera for her to take pictures (I was feeding Wesley) and she told me he didn't hesitate one second! OFF he went. I am so proud of him! We are still working on getting the training wheels off his big boy bike, but he road his little bike (he calls Rocket) almost all afternoon and it rained on him part of the time. He had his raincoat on so no biggie.....until mommy made him come in. He wasn't a happy camper by that point, but he sure had fun. He road Rocket as much as he could Sunday too, of course it rained again and I sat in the garage watching him all bundled up in a blanket since it was pretty chilly out with the rain and wind. I will try to get the pictures posted tomorrow and maybe the video clip. I have noticed since he has been on his medication, he doesn't have as many temper tantrums but he does cry now and doesn't get as mad as he used to. The counselor said he is going through an adjustment and is discovering 'new' emotions. All normal reactions so we will just move forward.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


After waiting almost 6 months for an appointment for Wyatt to be seen by a Pediatric Neurologist, he had his appointment yesterday. Wyatt was diagnosed with ADHD as well as his genetic makeup causing him to have the impulses etc. associated with ADHD children.

His Neurologist has him on medication, Tenex, the generic form is Guanfacine (gwahn-fa-seen). We will continue his counseling at the Burrell Center, his in-home counseling, visits with the Neurologist and his Early Childhood Development school program that I can only hope will not only gain my sanity back, but continue to help Wyatt's behavior. (This has been a struggle for him for what I would say to be 2 years now) For anyone who has a hyperactive child, I'm sure you know what I am talking about.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Welcome to Our World Wesley Cole

Here are the first pictures of Wesley Cole Stokes. He was born on Wednesday, March 25, 2009, weighing in at 7 lbs 13 oz. and 20 " long.
Mama and Baby just after birth.

Wyatt wants to be Wesley's Big Brother and not his Uncle.

Me, Wyatt and Wesley.

He is pretty darn cute.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Gayle's Baby Shower- Wyatt

Paula Jean gave Gayle a Baby Shower March 8, 2009. We had a great time and got to see Baby Lily!

I know the date says 2007, yeah, I forgot

to set the date on my camera. LOL

A diaper cake...that's a lot of diapers.

I think it took 95 or so to make this!

Ok the date got set and here is Gayle

just a week and a half before Wesley was born.

And I can't post something without having

my little man here. (From Jan. 09)

He is doing what he loves most, playing


We went to the Discovery Center on the

Freebie day. Wyatt had a great time while

we were there. However, we only spent a couple

hours there...too much stimulation for him.

He spent a lot of time here, playing with the

water, he had fun and that's what I like to see.

He got a new bike with my Tax Refund $

It reeves up like a real motorcycle..!!! He is

just growing up too fast!

AND..... Wesley Cole Stokes was born on March 25, 2009 at 7:24 a.m., he was 7 pounds 13 ounces and 20" long. I had taken Gayle to the hospital Tuesday night around 11:00 p.m. so all of us had a very long night! We brought Baby Wesley home Friday, the 27th. Wyatt has been calling him 'Lily' since she is the first baby he was really around and talks about. It may take him a little bit to figure all this out. He loves Wesley and insists on being the Big Brother since he doesn't want to be the Uncle. I will post photos as soon as I can. Here is a link to see his Hospital Photo Shoot Search by WebNursery by Customer Number type in the 37231262212728. I am not sure when it will be posted, if you can't pull it up, you can call 1-800-620-8479, it's new and the lady had problems with our order. Plus I didn't ask how long they would be posted so I hope you have the chance to find them. We will be sending out the announcements as soon as we get them. Try to click here, it should pull up the photos.

And before I forget, I had got Wyatt the movie Home Alone a while back, he has been watching it almost everyday, since he is starting to get tired of the cartoons...anyway, I was helping Gayle with her fingernails a couple weeks ago in the bathroom. Wyatt had unknown to us, set up a trap for me.....he had put a wet wipe on the floor and a pillow to catch my fall as this trap would cause me to slip in the hallway. Before we got out of the bathroom, he had told on himself and was giggling to himself and thought that was just the funniest thing! You really had to be there as he was describing how he had set up this funny trap. He did warn us though that there may be more to come.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Wyatt all grown up!

Wyatt started his first day at Shady Dell yesterday. This is a Springfield School that provides pre-school age children a head start for Kindergarten. The program is called Childhood Early Developement. When I picked him up, the teachers assistant said he had a great first day! I was so proud of him, he is very excited about going to a school and not a 'daycare' as he says, "where the babies are". He carried the same excitment this morning when I dropped him off. Such a big boy with his backpack and carrying his lunch box. He's growing up too fast! And I failed to take his picture yesterday and today so with any luck I'll remember tomorrow! Have I mentioned how much I love my little man?

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Due: March 20th

We are certainly going to have a full house by the end of March!
Another baby is scheduled to arrive in our family. Gayle is expecting a little boy on approximately March 20th. We are getting ready for his arrival although she has not decided on a name. I have been wanting to give her a baby shower, but circumstance just will not allow one :o(

Wyatt has been sick off and on for the last month, just two weeks ago he was at the doctor for a bad cough which also affected his asthma and had to have additional breathing treatments and a steriod. Yesterday he was diagnoised with an ear infection, giving him antibiotics makes me so nervous. I am hoping his fever goes down today without medication. Needless to say, we have been struggling lately with his health issues and missing hours at work is putting additional stress on me. I finally got him enrolled in the Childhood Early Developement Program, 'The Wonder Years' at Shady Dell School. The only setback will be he can't be dropped off until 8:30 a.m. and I have to pick him up at 2:15 .m. and....have the additional expense of lunches and gas, time off work. Somehow this has to work, he needs this so he will be ready for Kindergarten this fall. We don't know where that will be yet since it is looking like we'll have to move again. We just can't afford the place we are in. Maybe this just seems overwhelming today. I just thought I would be in a different place at this point of my life, it's heartbreaking when Wyatt asks me when we can live back at our old house.....