Friday, November 30, 2007


Christmas is going to be so special for Wyatt this year. Every night I pick him up he talks about Christmas. I take the long way home so he can see all the Christmas lights and decorations on the houses. We pass one and he'll say in his little sweet voice,
"mama, let's see maur, pweassssse"
"darn, I missed dat one"
"I see Chwistmas! I see Chwistmas!"
"Don't durn dat way mama, I wanna see maur",
I'm telling ya, it's so cute! We turn into our subdivision and we go down almost every street, each time we get close to our street, he says "don't durn dat way mama, don't! don't!" So I'll circle around one more time, THEN he tells me "let's go to mama's house now". Of course I always think I let him think he's the one in charge, but I'm pretty sure he's got me wrapped around his little finger. So when we get to our house, he asked me where mama's lights are (I choose not to put lights on the house this year) and I tell him all our lights are on our Christmas tree. He is ok with that, but I doubt I can get away with it next year. I actually had planned on wrapping some lights on our front yard tree, but it rained the entire weekend I wanted to do it and this weekend looks like rain too :-( so we'll see.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Halloween 2007

Ok, yes, it's way, way, WAY past Halloween, but I have just now got my thoughts together and picked out the pictures I wanted to post. Here is my little Buzz Lightyear, until January of this year, he really thought he could fly. Poor little guy's dreams where shattered again when I bought his costume and he then thought these wings would be what would lift him off the ground. He tried and tried and then put his head down, draggin his heals, rather cutely said "I can't fly either".

This picture is so cute because of what happened just before I took it. Wyatt was being a little difficult and doing some whining and had himself with his back turned to us standing in the corner at the front door. Naty took charge of this situation and tapped Wyatt on the shoulder and said in a very stern voice "Wyatt, stop it, we have to go get candy!" Wyatt immediately turned around and had a smile on his face. I think I need to borrow little Naty to help with Wyatt, she is a little girl that knows how to talk his language.

Here is Emily with Naty and Wyatt, she spent her night trying to keep up with these two (I ended up carrying her 4" heeled shoes) Wyatt went up to almost every house saying "To infinity and beyond". Little boys just don't want to have to wait for the girls to get the 'candy'. He was opposite of Naty though, when he got his loot, he was off to the next house, when Naty was at the door, she asked for more. She had the right idea though, the more you get at one house, the less houses you need to go to fill up your bag!

And finally, here is Cody, he joined us a little late, but had a great time (his mom assured us the blood is not real..really....hahahah!)

We all had a great time and Paula J. made some yummy things for us to eat, I'm not sure the official names, but we had little meatball eyeballs, spiders made of pretzels and chocolate, bat sandwiches and the best ever dip n chips she's ever made! Of course we had our traditional chili, loaded with SOUR CREAM, cheese, onions and Frito's!

We greatly missed our family members not able to make it this year, especially Joe and Wanda, we think of you two everyday and how much you touched our lives. I love you.

The Final Score!

Way to go team! Here is the picture of Emily's Volleyball team, their final game was last night, finishing 5-3. Their coach gave them all awards, a special gift bag, a trophy and a yummy celebration cookie pie party. Her coach was obviously very proud of her team and talked to all the parents how well the girls did this year and hopes they sign up again next year. Emily is in the back row, second from the left. :O)

Friday, November 9, 2007

The more you know.....

Yesterday I attended a seminar "Managing Emotions Under Pressure", I absolutely loved this seminar. IT not only will help me at work, but in my personal life too! Life is all about learning, learning and more learning, right? The instructor for this keep everyone excited about what he was going to say next.

What I want to share is that I learned that people are summed up in 4 personality traits
1) Directors - 'Get it done', the instructor advised us to write 'Get R Dun', but since I am not in this category, I wrote it out correctly (you'll understand in a moment under #2). Directors are goal driven and extremely competent-they know how to DELEGATE.
2) Thinkers - Get it right! Very organized, starts a job and does not stop till it's done, makes list after list and list of the list to check off and double check (you get the idea here) very dependable and will analyze everything. They are TENACIOUS.
3) Sociallizers - Get Appreciated! Can inspire people to work together, be creative & flexable BUT can also be the ones that know how to push everyones buttons, have piles verses files, no follow through, these people are TEAM BUILDERS. and
4) Real-tors - Get Along! Very mothering/fathering, have the know-how to zone in on people's feelings and want to keep it casual, don't like any conflicting situations and have a hard time saying no. They are LOYAL and PATIENT.

As the instructor, Wade Moss was explaining all of these, the person (man, Dave) I sat next to couldn't have been a nicer guy, he was still married to his high school sweetheart, has great kids and grandkids and started to laugh during this time. Back up...As soon as we got back from lunch, the hotel staff had cleaned off our tables, but left the crumbs. When I sat down I brushed off my mess, making my space all nice and neat again. Ok, Wade was explaining the 'Thinkers', Dave was laughing saying he knew I was in this category, Wade said these 'Thinkers' would have wrote Get it done on #1-Directors verses what he told us to write "Get R done". IT was so true. I had to write it right. ok, it may have been more funny as it was happening.

Wade also had us write down this "The way we see the problem is the problem" WOW, how true is that? We are so programed to react in a way we have trained our minds to be, it just comes natural no matter if it is the right way, wrong way or whatever way, it's the way be respond (based on our past experiences).

Ok, so I am now labeling myself as this 'Thinker' and just now updating my blog. I've wanted to update before now, but I hadn't spent the time to compeltely think through what I wanted to say, I have made notes and have thoughts, but keep saying I'll get to that list later....ha! I have no excuse since I know I could have made time. So you can see my updated pictures on the right and I'll post another blog later (next week) about some of the specifics going on in my life.