Monday, September 10, 2007

Burger King Adventures

Wyatt and I hung out around the house for most of the weekend. It was raining out for the most part so I took him to Burger King, he loves going to 'Burrrgar King' or the 'Tree House' (which is McDonald's playland). Anyway, it's always an adventure since this one hour maximum trip will result in him getting hurt (from being a daredevil jumping from the table to the columns) then the whining starts, the spitting, having a tantrum, hitting other children, telling me NO NO NO,
giving me a cheesy smile like this

being chased thru the joint and out to the parking lot and the screaming fit to get his shoes back on when it's time to leave. I have to ignore the looks people give me that are obviously thinking my son is possessed. I thought I was being a good mommy by taking him to play??? I'm not sure why I continue to take him? Once we got home, he was put in a timeout. After 5 minutes it was like he was my precious little boy again, hugging and asking me for more kisses....the remaining weekend went without injury or drama. I wonder why he is more well behaved at home than he is in public?

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Labor Day Weekend 2007

What a spectacular Labor Day weekendy my kids had! Especially Wyatt, he not only got to see his sissy, go to the park and visit family......He also rode a Mule for the first time! He got up there like it was just another day with nothing out of the ordinary. He grinned from ear to ear!

We had brought some bread to feed the ducks, but after the mule ride, the ducks didn't seem near as exciting.

He just loves his blanket. I hate to even think about the day I will have to take it away from him.