Friday, April 24, 2009


Ok, my 'tomorrow' was somewhat delayed.

Wyatt doing his 'ka-chow' just like
Lightening McQueen!

He was playing with the chalk he got from
G-MA Lori and had Gayle outline his body.
This is how he wanted his picture taken.
Lightening McQueen hat, bracelt and shoes!

Here he goes, off on his bike WITHOUT
training wheels. I am so proud of him

These pics are on my side bar, but I just
counldn't resist highlighting them here.

Hope you can pull up this video. I wouldn't
say I am that great at it, just a proud mama.
You wouldn't ever know this is his first time
riding without the training wheels! Turn up
your volumn, it's a little hard to hear what
he is saying.

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