Tuesday, August 14, 2007

July 20th for Wyatt

July 20th started out very early in the morning for Wyatt. We arrived at the Hospital at 6:30 am without any breakfast. The entire 20 minutes to the hospital he asked me for his breakfast. Once we got there and he seen the variety of toys, he forgot all about not getting breakfast. We had talked all week about his dental surgery and what the dentist would be doing to his teeth while he was 'sleeping'. Like I said, he 'was' excited about being there.....until he woke up.

Eight caps, seven nerve treatments and three fillings later (yes to baby teeth) he wakes up calling out for his mama. The nurse fetches me and I took him in my arms and held my little man until we were sent to his room for recovery.

With Buzzlightyear and Jessie clinched in his hands, like they would rescue him from this horrible event his mother put him through, he laid in recovery.

Poor little guy didn't know what hit him. It was all I could do to not laugh. I sat with him and if ya haven't noticed, his blue blanket (deedee) doesn't leave his side.

The good news is that he is fine now, he no longer complains of his mouth hurting and he eats like there is no tomorrow. I am truly proud he really took this better than I had expected.

Friday, August 10, 2007

My little man

This is my little man, Wyatt Cooper, he just turned 3 years old in July. Although this picture is over a year old, he's still the cutteste little boy ever! This is my first posting so I will get an updated picture in the near future.