Friday, April 11, 2008

Nixa Park Fun n Stuff

My BFF (Paula Jean) and I took Wyatt to the park last Sunday. He loves the parks in Nixa and what is nice about them is that no matter which park we go to, they are never really over crowded.

Here he is being all goofy because I want to take his picture.

Took this one when he didn't know I was doing it. Doesn't he look so small? He got lucky and a older child helped him once he got to the top to go down the pole. The pole is the only way down once you get to the top. Paula J was pretty nervous because she hadn't seen him do it before.

This was the park off Epps Road down in Branson April 10th I took while I was out running errands and saw the flooded area from the road.

I made this cute little placemat for Wyatt last night. When I bought the supplies last weekend, Wyatt didn't want anything to do with them. Kept saying he didn't want fish or shells. Little whinny man didn't want letterrrrrrrrrrs! Well, I made it while he was in the tub and when he saw it this morning with his bowl of oatmeal he told me how 'cute' it was and he loved it! I also bought plenty of supplies so that I can make several (probably 10-15 if I wanted). It's just the large foam sheets I cut down and the letters and fish/shells are foam stickers. VERY easy to wipe down with little boy messes (like when he sneezed his oatmeal out all over this morning). I was at the sink, heard the sneeze and then he said "uh-oh mama, I made a mess" :O) Obviously my craft skills are limited.


I thought ya'll would like to see what A LOT of rain does to our part of the country. The rain started back in March (the pictures below) and then continued as recent as just yesterday.

Follow the link below to see video of some flooding in Branson, toward the end shows Branson Landing.


I was just down at Branson Landing with Amy last week sitting right at the lower steps in front of the pipes that burst out flames at night.

This is Finley River at Riverdale (not far from where I live)

Same area, different direction

This is the Finley Park in Ozark from the flooding in March. This is where I took Wyatt and his sister Gayle on Labor Day last fall. On the bottom right on this picture where you see the white roof and long silver one, up from that area where the water line starts is where the playground set is under water. Just along the tree line is the path where Wyatt got to ride on a mule. You can see those pictures in my video bar at the bottom.

This is Summers At The River softball complex in Nixa, just off Highway 60 about 5 miles or so north of where I live, my daycare is right around the corner from here!

The we were blessed with Rainbows!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

What happens IF.......

As most of you know my mind works in mysterious ways....I was thinking today how a friend of mine told me a story of how when his son was a toddler he had gotten the jar of vasoline in his crib and proceeded to cover himself and the crib in vasoline. He had covered his entire body, the crib mattress, blankets, toys including the frame and crib bars. I laughed hysterically at the story and wondered why him and his wife hadn't put the jar of vasoline in a place his son could not reach it. I have kept my jar of vasoline under one of my end tables in the living room along with the diapers, wipes and Wyatt's breathing machine and not once had he touched it.

Not a few weeks after he told that story, I was putting some laundry away in my closet and came out to find my son (when he was almost 3 years old) on the sofa with an open jar of vasoline. He had coverd the back of one section of my sofa, one of the cushions, most of his legs and torsoe as well as his head. I think back wishing I would have grabbed my camera, but instead, I snatched him up, got him in the tub and I tell you, it takes a while to get vasoline washed off a 2 1/2 year old! I then had to uncover my sofa cushion and throw it in the washer and managed to clean the back section with a bucket of hot water and old rag. I threw away what was left of the vasoline and he never needed it again, I guess he rubbed it in him good enough to last a lifetime?

So here are some pictures that my cousin took that reminds me what happens when.....

you take a picture too close to figure out what they carved.

he's rode the pony 4 times and thinks he can get off all by himself
the sun is in your eyes and someone wants to take your picture.

you have waited too long (years) to have your dog nuetered

and when his buddies try to help him escape.

your husband loves you (or he is in trouble?)

what bank employees do on Halloween.

what happens when your son wipes his face with poison ivy

what happens when your daughter does her own makeup.
Hope ya'll enjoyed a good laugh. I'm sure to find more things to laugh about later.

Friday, April 4, 2008


What do you think of when you have Breakfast? IF you are Wyatt, you only think Oatmeal. Wyatt loves his oatmeal, just about any flavor he'll gobble up. Breakfast is not breakfast without it. I hope he continues to eat oatmeal since it is so good for you (and I love it too!)

Having Lightening McQueen (or any of his favorite cars) next to him is sure to keep him in smiles while he eats. He is growing up so fast!

Here is the video of him eating breakfast, he kept putting his feet on my knees so that is why he asked me if it tickled. Just to warn you, it is somewhat boring... :O) He realized I was recording him and decided to be goofy. After I stopped videoing him, he finished eating. It looks a little sloppy, but as he gets older, he gets more in his mouth than himself or the table/floor.

And finally, a couple pics of the flowers (and bee) in my front yard tree's.


Yes, I am way behind the times...Wyatt wasn't all that interested in coloring eggs this year. He did enjoy coloring them with crayola's then I ended up dipping them while he ran off to play. After I showed him how pretty they were, he told me I did a good job. That's all I needed to hear, my little man letting me know I did good :O)

We did brave the cold and go to the Annual Nixa Easter Egg Hunt. Wyatt had a slow start, but with the help of bubbie (his 13 yr old cousin, Cody) he got to pick up a few eggs.