Monday, April 20, 2009

No Training Wheels!!

Wyatt has been asking for weeks for me to take off his training wheels...each time I tell him no, I am either busy, the weather is not decent or something... Saturday, he asked again. I asked Gayle if she could do it and as soon as the training wheels came off (his little bike) he took off down the driveway..Gayle hollars at me to come see, I rush outside with the camera for her to take pictures (I was feeding Wesley) and she told me he didn't hesitate one second! OFF he went. I am so proud of him! We are still working on getting the training wheels off his big boy bike, but he road his little bike (he calls Rocket) almost all afternoon and it rained on him part of the time. He had his raincoat on so no biggie.....until mommy made him come in. He wasn't a happy camper by that point, but he sure had fun. He road Rocket as much as he could Sunday too, of course it rained again and I sat in the garage watching him all bundled up in a blanket since it was pretty chilly out with the rain and wind. I will try to get the pictures posted tomorrow and maybe the video clip. I have noticed since he has been on his medication, he doesn't have as many temper tantrums but he does cry now and doesn't get as mad as he used to. The counselor said he is going through an adjustment and is discovering 'new' emotions. All normal reactions so we will just move forward.


amy said...

yay wyatt!! and p, hang in there with the emotional changes, crying is better than tantrums and he will learn how to handle it! sounds like you are both headed in a good direction!

paula jean said...

WOW! Wyatt is awesome, fearless and a great little boy. Keep enjoying all the first they are gone before you know it. Love you guys!