Friday, June 5, 2009

Do you know what this is?

Does anyone know what kind of bird this is?

a) Black Vulture
b) Golden Eagle
c) Turkey Vulture
d) Red-headed hawk
e) Missouri Eagle

Its a Turkey Vulture, who got it right??? A very common BIG bird here in Missouri. Second largest to the bald eagle. Looks pretty wicked don't they? I was about 10 feet from them pooking around. These guys were 4 houses down from our duplex, just check'n out the neighborhood maybe looking for lunch? I ran home and got the camera for your knowlege, yes it's true and...the sacrafices I made last night, having a near death experience and all. Not to mention the time it took to drive 4 houses down, then drive 4 houses back! Push the button to roll down my window and then hold my arm up to take the picture, push the little button on the camera, then push another button to look at the pictures, another button to put up my window......because ya know...they could have attacked me and flew away with my arm? The drive home was by far the worst, I had to drive super duper fast to get in my garage in case they came after me, ya know since I didn't have them sign a waiver that I would be posting their picture and not give them any of my royalties for it. I do so much for all of my 5 viewers.. Hope you enjoy. lol

Hey, scroll down a little more, I made another

i know, i know....i am wasting valuable company time.

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