Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Wow, it amazes how quickly time, no, days, NO, months fly by when it just seems like last week I was traveling down to Branson everyday.

I have got all moved up, moved in and unpacked (for the most part) to Springfield. I LOVE living in the City. I am so close to shopping, parks and just about whatever else I need or want to go.

Where I live, I am way WAY too close to a couple Ice Creams Shops! I have packed on some pounds for sure....not to mention my boss keeps us in plenty supply of snacks around!

If anyone hasn't heard already, I love my new job, including the drive thru the city. Even when I got rearended after being here a week, the poor girl that hit me was so upset, I hugged her several times and told her it would be ok, we were fine and the vehicles can be fixed. She couldn't of been over 21-25 yrs. old. I was just glad Wyatt was not with me, he would not have been so patient waiting for the PD to come on a NON injury fender bender. I must say though, we got a few 'hey baby' and some whistling at us. I didn't realize what a 'hot mama' I was...hahaha!

This year, we've got plenty of rainfall and the fall colors are just exploding, I can't wait to get some pictures taken. Not having access to a computer and internet has made it difficult to pursure my love to blog.

I will be getting some pic's of the latest addition to our family soon and posted. Baby Lilly (aka Sarah) is just adorable.

Wyatt has been in counseling now for about 2 months and is showing signs of improvement, having him in a daycare (thru the Baptist Church) with teachers that are working with him instead of pushing him off as a 'bad kid' has also helped him improve. Last week we started his in-home visits and we got a great counseler, 'Candy', she's all but 5' tall and has true concern for Wyatt's well being.

Gayle plans on moving up with Wyatt and I soon, hopefully before Thanksgiving, but you know how 21 year olds can be.

Well, all of us look forward to Halloween, it's really a great reason for us to get together and eat the first batch of Chili at Paula Jean's house! See ya'll soon!