Friday, June 5, 2009

Pictures of Wyatt

Here are a few pictures I wanted to share of Wyatt. I got an alligator cake mold, it's just really cupcakes that you put together to make the shape of an alligator, but Wyatt loves it. The first attempt to make this didn't come out so good, I learned from the first one though and was able to achieve this yummy chocolate alligator!
We took sissy to the go-carts after having her nails done for her Birthday, her and Wyatt had lots of fun and Wesley slept the entire time, noise and all.
Wyatt will be in Kindergarten this fall. He had his graduation from Pre-K this past Wednesday and he was pretty cute in his paper-hat. His class did a play about the soldiers at war, more like back during WW II, they sang about making stone soup (I might post the video clip later) for the soldiers, which now I understand why Wyatt has been singing that song for the last two months. After we got home that night, Wyatt made me a heart with his blankey, so sweet! I know some day his blankey will fall apart, it is getting so thin now, he has had it since he was a baby and hasn't been able to part with it at night, not to mention during the day.....and ..... well, I just can't take it away from him yet.

He also informed me last night as we were mixing up the batter for pancakes that he could invite some soldiers over for dinner. I had to tell him we didn't know any and he suggested we find some anyway because soldiers are hungry. His has a heart of gold!

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Jen Bundy said...

he's growing up so fast. He and Aiden have the same superhero underwear.